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Nominations for 2016 MAKERS are open until October 15, 2015. To nominate a MAKER, visit WGCU’s MAKERS: Women Who Make Southwest Florida website, a digital platform that honors 40 women whose stories are preserved for generations to come.

MAKERS: Women Who Make Southwest Florida was inspired in 2012 by the launch of PBS  www.makers.com, which seeks to be the largest video collection of women’s stories ever assembled.

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WGCU Public Media is honoring the “greatest generation” through WWII VETS: Stories of Service.  

2015 MAKERS: Women Who Make Southwest Florida featuring portraits of women who have made significant and lasting contributions to the Southwest Florida community. Featuring Mary Ellen Hawkins, Jan Manarite, Lucy Ortiz, Robbie Roepstorff and Nola Theiss.

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The Lee County school district may have been one of the last to satisfy the courts, but schools in Punta Gorda and Sanibel Island were among the first in Florida to integrate their students. Some 50 years later, several Southwest Florida residents share their memories of being the first African Americans to brave one of the most dramatic social experiments of the 20th century.

Mark your calendar for Mar. 11 at 1pm when a Gulf Coast LIVE radio segment will feature a panel discussion from the FGCU premiere of Reading, Writing & Civil Rights.


The Hertz Corporation made regional history in 2013 by choosing Estero for its global headquarters. With 16 other Fortune 500 companies based in the Sunshine State, Hertz became Lee County's first. What impact will the rental car giant have on the economy and environment? Will the road to paradise paved by Hertz and government leaders entice moves by more of the nation’s largest companies? Hosted by Craig Wolf.


Nov 21, 2014

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Forever to be remembered as the year the FGCU Eagles men’s basketball team truly won status as Southwest Florida’s hometown team, the 2012-2013 season is, for many of us, a fond memory. But it’s wide-reaching and lasting effect are much more than a memory. In the wake of their thrilling rise to national stardom in the NCAA “Sweet Sixteen,” enrollment applications for FGCU have risen more than 35 percent and DUNK CITY is now firmly on the map.

Tune in to WGCU-TV Sunday, July 27 at 11:30am, to catch a new program hosted by FM Station Manager and News Director Amy Tardif.

Pink Gold Rush They discovered it by accident in the dark of night, and by the time the full moon shone, the Pink Gold Rush was on. Florida shrimpers first netted the nocturnal pink shrimp in 1949, bringing a frenzy of fishermen to Fort Myers Beach. Hundreds of boats once offloaded at the local shrimp docks. Today, fewer than 40 come to port as development, economics, and the environment take their toll. Through seven decades, shrimpers have struggled against adversity. How much longer can they survive? 

2014 Makers: Women Who Make Southwest Florida Part 1. Portraits of women who have impacted Southwest Florida highlighting Martha Hill, Laura Safer Espinoza, Gail Williams and Myra Daniels

2014 Makers: Women Who Make Southwest Florida Part 2 Portraits of women who have impacted Southwest Florida highlighting Nancy Lascheid, Rita Bertler, Michele Valencourt, Darla

2014 Makers: Women Who Make Southwest Florida  Part 3. Portraits of women who have impacted Southwest Florida highlighting Sharon Bruckman, Eve Haverfield, Julie Shematz, Kimberly L

Catch WGCU's 30-minute program highlighting the success and the impact of the FGCU Eagles men's basketball team! The program features interviews with many of the "stars" of the 2013 Men's Basketball team. Join us for a look back at the Eagles' remarkable season. 

Producer: Chris Nealon

Host: Tom James


At the turn of 20th century, Southwest Florida was still considered very much of a frontier. MAKERS: Women who Made Southwest Florida explores the hardy female pioneers who came to this region, determined to carve a community out of the wilds. Some – like Mina Edison – emerged from the shadows of more famous husbands to leave an indelible mark. Others – like Deaconess Harriet Bedell, Bernice Russell and Mother Perry – bridged racial divides. Discover how such strong, capable – and often overlooked – women laid the groundwork for the Southwest Florida of today.

Producer: Janina Birtolo


A quiet revolution is fomenting, with its epicenter here in Southwest Florida, where a handful of entrepreneurial pioneers are on a quest to develop renewable biofuels as alternatives to fossil fuels. It is a revolution that could create tens of thousands of jobs, have a profound impact on the national economy, change the way Americans fuel their cars and move the nation further down the path toward the elusive goal of energy independence.

Producer/Narrator: Rod Clarke 



In 1885, a single, sensational catch at Sanibel Island’s Tarpon Bay made international news -- and revolutionized sport fishing. For the first time on record, a mighty, silver-sided tarpon was taken on a rod and reel, a feat that created a frenzy for the fierce-fighting fish -- and made southwest Florida the epicenter of a brand-new sport. The newly crowned Silver King of fish lured celebrities and presidents, and transformed Southwest Florida into the birthplace of big game fishing.

Writer/Producer: Lynne Howard Frazer
Narrator: Peter Thomas


World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf wars, Afghanistan: Every generation of warriors has faced vexing challenges upon returning home and struggling through the difficult transition from war to peace. Today, young Americans are coming home from combat, treated like heroes by a grateful country. But they are often broken heroes with broken bodies and broken minds.  

Writer/Producer/Narrator: Rod Clarke



WGCU Public Media's initiative, Your Voice, examines issues affecting Southwest Florida. On a quarterly basis from 2009-2011, Your Voice probed a topic from multiple perspectives combining a television broadcast, radio shows and articles in our monthly member magazine/program guide, ExpressionsYour Voice served as a forum for discussion and an outlet for ways listeners and viewers can get involved. 



For more than 20 years, the Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed has been cleansing Southwest Florida’s water, educating its children, sheltering its wildlife and providing recreational opportunities for its people. But what will the next 20 years hold? Will CREW be able to expand beyond its 60,000 acres and enhance its offerings? Or will the fervor for environmental preservation wane in the face of tough economic times and shifting political priorities?

Producer/Narrator: Rod Clarke  

In 1914, three famous friends -- Thomas Edison, the “Wizard” of electricity; Henry Ford, the pioneer auto-maker; and John Burroughs, best-selling nature writer -- trekked into the wilds for a camping adventure in the Everglades. Their campfire camaraderie inspired a series of camping trips throughout the next decade. Joined by another famous friend, tire manufacturer Harvey Firestone, the “Four Vagabonds” explored a changing America, finding rest -- and inspiration -- in the nation’s great outdoors.

Producer: Lynne Howard-Frazer

Through extensive interviews and on-site footage, this half-hour documentary traces the roots of the 60,000-acre Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed (CREW) and the circumstances and conditions that led to its establishment, going back to the creation of the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. The program examines the unique consortium of environmentalists, government agencies, landowners, developers and private citizens who came together in the CREW Land and Water Trust for a common cause: to preserve and protect one of the region’s most valuable and important resources, the watershed that refuels the aquifers and provides water to residents of Southwest Florida.

Producer/Narrator: Rod Clarke  


Produced during the summer of 2010, this half-hour documentary provides an in-depth look at how Southwest Florida's scientists, civil society and community leaders responsed to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. By documenting the local release of turtles and the rehabilitation of pelicans directly affected by the spill in the northern Gulf of Mexico as well as new regional methods for tracking the nesting of loggerhead sea turtles, the program investigates impacts to wildlife. The interviewees also address potential long-term environmental and economic impacts to our region. 

Producer/Narrator: Donna Roberts


Florida has spawned and nurtured a new billion dollar industry; the distribution, sale and exportation of prescription drugs – drugs more powerful, more addicting, more deadly than any that have come before. Law enforcement officers in Southwest Florida, overwhelmed by the onslaught, say the new drug dealers are pain clinic doctors.

Producers: Rod Clarke & Rachelle Grossman

Connect features ways to explore the diverse and interesting region of Southwest Florida. As a guide to community engagement, it spotlights segments on living green, wellness, the arts, regional getaways, volunteering and grassroots activism. Hosted by Jim McLaughlin, the program aired on WGCU TV from 2007 to 2010. Individual segments are available for viewing and commenting on our YouTube channel.

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