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WGCU Switchboard: 239-590-2300                                            

General Manager: Rick Johnson  239-590-7072 or 7071

Membership/Donations: 239-590-2361 or 2365, 2363, 2345

Vehicle Donations: 855-845-1960

Volunteering at WGCU: Paula Sklodowski 239-590-2510

Sponsorships: 239-590-2366 or 2313, 2327

TV Programming: Toby Cooke 239-590-2350

Radio Programming: Amy Tardif  239-590-2519

Radio News: 239-590-2519

TV/Radio Reception Issues:  Brian Zittlau 239-590-2380 or 2381 or Mike Stepp

Closed Captioning Issues:  Mike Stepp  239-590-2381

Media Relations: Barbara Steinhoff  239-590-2507

TV Production Services: Sheri Coleman  239-590-2340

Radio Production Services: Richard Chin Quee 239-590-2527


WGCU is located on the campus of Florida Gulf Coast University

WGCU Public Media • 10501 FGCU Blvd. S. • Fort Myers, FL 33965

WGCU's main phone number: 239. 590.2300  

TV Closed Captioning

For Closed Captioning concerns:

Mike Stepp   239.590.2381  
We will make every effort to respond or otherwise resolve your inquiry within 24 hours or one business day.

To make written complaints regarding Closed Captioning, contact:
Director of TV Programming WGCU Public Media 
Ms. Toby Cooke
10501 FGCU Blvd., South
Ft. Myers, FL 33965-6565

To suggest a topic for a TV program

For nationally produced programs:
Toby Cooke   239.590.2350
For programs produced in Southwest Florida:
Barbara Linstrom   239.590.2316

To Get Help with HDTV Reception             

Mike Stepp



To contact the FM radio Newsroom

To suggest a Radio program topic
Amy Tardif

To Get Help with HD Radio Reception

Mike Stepp   239.590.2381  

WGCU Membership

To Become A WGCU Member

Membership office: 239.590.2361

To learn about Matching Gifts for WGCU, Thank you gifts, Vehicle Donation, subscription to Expressions magazine   239.590.2361

To learn about Making a Stock donation to WGCU, Planned Giving benefits WGCU
Kimberly Woodle    239.590.2345


To Sponsor a Program or Event
Dwight Esmon   239.590.2313
Mark Beland     239.590.2327

Sean Smiley 239.590.2338


Gulf Coast Studio

To Rent WGCU’s Radio Facilities

Richard Chin Quee  239.590.2527

To Rent WGCU’s TV Facilities

Sheri Coleman  239.590.2340

Directions to WGCU on the campus of Florida Gulf Coast University

FROM NORTH I-75:   Take I-75 South to San Carlos Park Exit 128, Alico Road. Exit to the east (left) on Alico Road for one mile. Turn south (right) on Ben Hill Griffin Parkway for two miles to FGCU entrance and turn left. Turn left at the stop sign on FGCU Blvd.   TheBroadcast Building is the first building on the right. Please park in Lot # 3. This is the lot in front of the Broadcast Building.  

FROM SOUTH I-75:   Take I-75 North to Estero Exit 123, Corkscrew Road. Exit to east (right) on Corkscrew Road for one-half of a mile. Turn north (left) on Ben Hill Griffin Parkwayfor two miles to FGCU entrance and turn right. Turn left at the stop sign on FGCU Blvd. TheBroadcast Building is the first building on the right. Please park in Lot # 3. This is the lot in front of the Broadcast Building.

***Please stop at the parking information booth as you drive onto campus and pick up an approved parking permit.