Audio Production Services

WGCU-FM's facilities can accommodate the production of radio commercials, ISDN interviews, ensemble music recordings or voice over projects for broadcast, web, industrial or performance products.

For a quote on radio or audio production services contact:

Richard Chin Quee 

Rates with Engineer

Recording/Talk Studio - $100 per hour

ISDN Session - $135 per hour

Edit Booths - $100 per hour

Duplication and Transfer Services - $30 per hour plus media

Production Control

  • Pacific Research and Engineering Air Wave 20 Production Console
  • Adobe Audition Recording Software
  • Alesis Monitor One Speakers
  • CDQ Prima ISDN Unit
  • Comrex Hotline Unit
  • Eventide BD-500 Broadcast Delay
  • Telos 2x12 Phone System
  • Sony PCM-R500 DAT Recorder
  • Tascam DA-30 DAT Recorder
  • Sony CDP-XE400 CD Player
  • Sony MDSE-11 MiniDisc Recorders

Talk Studio

  • 5 Guest Capability
  • Phone System with Nation Wide Toll Free Number
  • Call Screener Computer with Internet Access

Edit Booths

  • Adobe Audition Editing Software
  • Mackie 1402 Console
  • Audio Technica AT4033A Mic
  • Comrex DH-20 Phone Interface
  • Tascam MD-350 MiniDisc Recorder
  • Sony CD-EX400 CD Player
  • Alesis Monitor One Speakers
  • CD Burner
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