The Bletchley Circle

 Season 2 begins Sunday April 13 @ 10pm on HDTV

 April 13 Part 1 Subtitled Blood on Their Hands, the season opener reunites the codebreaking women to help free a woman they believe is wrongly accused of murder.



 April 20 Part 2 Alice is facing the gallows — it’s a race against time to prove her innocence and save her life. Through a search of documents and confidential police information, the women believe the murder was part of a wider military cover-up. 


 April 27 Part 3 Subtitled Unaccustomed Goods, episode three is in two parts. Here is an overview of both. Millie is abducted and taken to a seedy hotel, where she meets a young Eastern European girl who indicates that the crime ring is involved in sex trafficking. After her release, Millie convinces Alice, Jean and Lucy that they should help the trafficked girls. The four women make a horrifying discovery.