Call the Midwife Season 3

Sundays in April @ 8pm on HDTV

April 6 Part 2 Trixie is upset when Sister Julienne promotes Jenny to “acting sister.” A patient carrying a baby who wasn’t fathered by her husband accepts that the only option is adoption. Alec tries to persuade Jenny to go on a nuclear disarmament march, but she declines for the sake of her patients.  


  April 13   Part 3 Sister Julienne and Trixie assist a pregnant prison inmate who’s worried that social services will deem her an unfit mother and take her baby. For Chummy’s birthday, Fred gets tickets for the gang to see My Fair Lady, but they’re turned away because their tickets are forged. Alec tells Jenny he loves her, but she can’t return the sentiment.


April 20 Part 4 Jenny’s patient Leah is struggling to cope with her mother’s agoraphobia, as well as her own pregnancy. When her husband is offered a new job and home, Leah knows she can’t leave her mother behind after all they went through to survive the Holocaust. 


April 27Part 5 The midwives discover that a young woman with Down Syndrome is six months pregnant, leading to difficult confessions and decisions. Patsy, a new nurse, arrives at Nonnatus House.