Radio Channels

News and Information 24 hours a day

90.1. & 91.7 FM, mobile app, online @

Local news, weather and traffic, and national and international news and entertainment

Xponential Music 24 hours a day

90.1-2/91.7-2 HD, mobile app, online @

HD radio Adult Album Alternative music featuring a broad and diverse musical playlist.

Classical Music 24 hours a day

90.1-3/91.7-3 HD, (coming soon to mobile app, online @

HD Radio Classical 24 guides listeners through some of the world’s best classical performances and provides insight and information along the way.

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Radio Reading Service

This is a member-supported service of WGCU Public Media. The reading service brings printed materials to persons who are blind, physically impaired and print handicapped via a special radio broadcast.  

Listen to Radio Reading Service here.