boca grande

Connect features ways to explore the diverse and interesting region of Southwest Florida. As a guide to community engagement, it spotlights segments on living green, wellness, the arts, regional getaways, volunteering and grassroots activism. Hosted by Jim McLaughlin, the program aired on WGCU TV from 2007 to 2010. Individual segments are available for viewing and commenting on our YouTube channel.

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The sunshine state has a rich and colorful history. For hundreds of years the state has attracted dreamers, opportunists, inventors and fortune-seekers. Native Americans, the Spanish, and American settlers all have left their mark on Southwest Florida. Yet, unlike world or national history, local history is a fragile thing that is easily lost. WGCU’s Untold Stories aims to preserve the history of Southwest Florida communities. The series explores the legacy of the many cultures that have left their imprint on the region and tells the stories of the people who call this part of Florida their home. 
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