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The Mission of WGCU Public Media

To inspire, inform, educate, engage and entertain through the power of public media.
WGCU Public Media is Southwest Florida’s source for PBS and NPR.

WGCU provides quality programming 24-hours a day and is a trusted story teller, teacher, theater, library and traveling companion. As a member-supported service of Florida Gulf Coast University, WGCU’s mission is to provide educational programming that inspires, informs and engages our community.

Serving seven counties, one-fifth of the state of Florida, with three distinct digital TV channels, two FM radio channels and two HD radio channels, one subcarrier and a monthly magazine, WGCU delivers national and international programming and develops, produces and delivers relevant, informative and educational local programs to the Southwest Florida community.  

WGCU’s educational programs, community-based initiatives and informative and entertaining events make public media integral to the vitality of Southwest Florida. WGCU is reaching beyond its service area to the country and the world through web-based applications.

Many of its locally produced programs have been broadcast throughout the country. WGCU has received numerous national, regional, state and local awards for its locally produced television and radio programs.

The Public Media Advisory Board of WGCU

The WGCU Public Media Advisory Board assists WGCU in realizing its mission. The Board advises and assists WGCU in achieving its long-range goals, communicates to and on behalf of listeners, viewers and subscribers; provides input concerning public broadcasting to governmental agencies and elected official, and assists in WGCU fundraising activities. Below is the list of WGCU Advisory Board Members (November 2014)

Ms. Mimi Chapin Gregory (Chair) Naples, Fl.

Mr. Dick Borel (Vice-chair) Naples, Fl.

Ms. Audrea Anderson, Ft. Myers, Fl.

Ms. Jackie Cadkin, Ft. Myers, Fl.

Ms. Linda Fasulo, Punta Gorda, Fl.

Mr. Jim Hale, Bonita Springs, Fl.

Mr. Robert Hilliard, Sanibel Island, Fl.

Ms. Lucinda Keesey, Ft. Myers, Fl.

Ms. Susan McManus, Naples, Fl.

Ms. Lisa Mishler, Estero, Fl.

Mr. Dick Munro, Naples, Fl.

Ms. Maria Palacio, Cape Coral, Fl.

Ms. Patricia Sullivan-Schrenk, Naples, Fl.

Ms. Judy Bricker, Naples, Fl.

Ms. Beverly Lundquist (Emeritus), Naples, Fl.

Mr. Rick Johnson, (Ex-officio)

The WGCU Public Media Advisory Board meetings are held at 10 am in Room 25 of the WGCU Broadcast Building on the campus of FGCU and are open to the public. Meetings will be held on the following dates:

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Wednesday, December 9, 2015
Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Board of Trustees  of Florida Gulf Coast University                    

WGCU Public Media is a member supported service of Florida Gulf Coast University. FGCU is governed by a Board of Trustees. The list of trustees is available at

The following dates have been scheduled for meetings of the Florida Gulf Coast University Board of Trustees. The meetings are held in the Cohen Center Ballroom, 10501 FGCU Boulevard S., Fort Myers, FL 33965. The meeting dates are posted to the website: 

The meeting agenda is posted 7 days prior to the meeting. For more information call 239.590.1065.

The Management of WGCU

General Manager                                     

Mr. Rick Johnson

Director of TV Programming and Promotions

Ms. Toby Cooke

FM Station Manager

Ms. Amy Tardif

Director of Production

Ms. Sheri Coleman

Director of Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. David Duke

Director of Digital Media

Ms. Barbara Linstrom

Director of Communications

Ms. Barbara Steinhoff

Director of Development & Corporate Support

Ms. Kimberly Woodle

Director of Engineering

Mr. Kevin Trueblood


As a member supported service of Florida Gulf Coast University, WGCU Public Media supports and complies with FGCU’s Non-discrimination and Equal Opportunity Institutional Statement and all applicable University policies. The FGCU/WGCU Diversity statement and WGCU's most recent Federal Communications Commission EEO report are available via the following links. Click Here for EEO 2014-2015

Click here for Institutional Statement.

Closed Captioning

Programs produced by WGCU Public Media for broadcast by others comply with the captioning quality standards embodied in Section 79.1(j)(2) of the rules of the Federal Communications Commission.

Protecting Your Privacy

When you join WGCU Public Media as a member, we collect your personal information for specific, limited purposes. The information you provide enables us to better serve your needs, including more personalized services, sending you email alerts, responding to your requests and tracking activity on our website to help determine which features are most desirable by our members.

WGCU’s commitment to personal privacy is demonstrated by our policy which prohibits disclosure of personal information to a third party organization. We do not sell or trade the personal information of our members. The personal information you provided is solely for use by WGCU.

Additionally, as a service to our members, you can choose to be excluded from specific WGCU mailings, telemarketing calls or email contacts. To update your records, call WGCU’s member services office at 239-590-2361 and ask to speak with a member services representative, or email

The Public Service Announcements Policy of WGCU

WGCU is the public television and radio station for Southwest Florida providing educational and informative programming. Because of limited airtime between programs, we are unable to promote all of the quality local events on our air, therefore we do not accept public service announcements (PSAs).

The Financial Statements, Content & Services Report, Compensation Information of WGCU

As a recipient of funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, WGCU Public Media makes available for your review its annual TV/FM Local Content and Service Report, annual Financial Statements, and compensation information.

WGCU also make available for your review WGCU's Annual Financial TV Report to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and its Annual Financial Radio Report to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

As a member supported service of Florida Gulf Coast University, WGCU Public Media operates on a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year. On an annual basis, WGCU employs a qualified independent auditing company to audit its financial statements applying Government Auditing Standards. The most recent audited reports are below.