35 Reasons to Love WGCU

WGCU turns 35 this month!
Get out the party hats and the piñata. WGCU is having a birthday! The station began life in August 1983 as WSFP-TV/FM, a satellite operation licensed to the University of South Florida. It became an independent entity in 1996 when the broadcast licenses were transferred to the new Florida Gulf Coast University.
The station’s call letters were changed to WGCU-TV/FM, and a new state-of-the-art broadcast facility was built as part of the new university’s campus.
  1. We’ve been the most trusted media resource among the American people for the past 15 years.
  2. What’s not to love about PUBLIC media – media that’s for everybody? And nonprofit, too!
  3. Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me!makes the news fun. And these days, that’s not easy.
  4. Ken Burns. Who else can hold your interest as long?
  5. We’re on the beautiful FGCU campus.
  6. We have great swag. (Have you seen our retro PBS shirts?)
  7. Downton Abbey. ’Nuff said.
  8. We know how to get … how to get to Sesame Street.
  9. PBS Kids … 24/7. That means all the time.
  10. You can trust our kids’ educational and entertaining programming, and there’s no commercial advertising.
  11. Poldarksometimes shirtless.
  12. Nobody puts you this close to wild animals without leaving home.
  13. Awards! A National Edward R. Murrow Award for hurricane coverage in 2017. Radio station of the year for 2017 from the Associated Press Broadcasters.
  14. We’re part of the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network, which means we’re on the air and reporting locally and nationally before, during and after a weather event.
  15. PBS Learning Media serves more than 100,000 teachers and families in Southwest Florida.
  16. Yan, y’all! And Julia – and so many other great chefs.
  17. So far and together with you, we’ve collected 1,000 books for The Great American Read project, and we’re giving them to families who need them in Immokalee.
  18. Grape Minds: This local podcast is an education in wine, and it’s fun!
  19. 3 Song Stories: This local podcast lets you hear the songs that were sonic landmarks in local people’s lives.
  20. Bob Ross. You can still catch his painting lessons on the Create channel and at the same time, admire the phenomenon that was his hair.
  21. Mister Rogers. Gotta love the cardigan man.
  22. Ours is the largest stage for musical performances, ballet, opera.
  23. We’re working to reduce the number of days we interrupt your programs for pledging. Promise.
  24. We’ve produced Stories of Service documentaries about local war heroes.
  25. Nobody says “Good morning” like Morning Edition host John Davis.
  26. We offer some pretty awesome trips. Japan during cherry blossom time, anyone?
  27. The Car Talk brothers gave us lots of amusing hours of listening time. RIP Tom Magliozzi.
  28. Lots and lots of free recipes. Go to pbs.org/food
  29. Reading Radio Service brings news to the blind and print handicapped, and all by volunteers.
  30. We’re sure no other station would air both the Lawrence Welk Show and American Masters: The Grateful Dead.
  31. Story Corps came here! They love us!
  32. With The Makers, we honored 50 local women doing great things.
  33. Just $1.35 per person of national funding comes to WGCU.
  34. Passport makes hours and hours of streaming content available to members.
  35. There’s no place like This Old House to make yours a home.

Author: Dayna Harpster