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The Mission of WGCU Public Media

“To inspire, inform, educate, engage and entertain through the power of public media.”

WGCU Public Media is Southwest Florida’s source for PBS and NPR, and a member-supported service of Florida Gulf Coast University. WGCU provides quality programming 24 hours a day and is a trusted storyteller, teacher, theater, library and traveling companion.

Serving all or part of 12 counties in south and Southwest Florida with five distinct digital TV channels, three radio services, and multiple digital media platforms, WGCU delivers national and international programming, as well as develops and produces award-winning relevant, informative and educational local content.

WGCU is a member of the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network (FPREN), whose member stations stay on the air during serious weather events or other emergencies to keep citizens up to date on news and safety information.

WGCU’s broadcast programs, along with community and education initiatives, make public media vital to Southwest Florida. In addition, WGCU is reaching beyond its service area to the country and the world through its website and app.

WGCU continues to receive national, state and local awards for its locally produced television and radio content.

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