Bob Ross Month features Joy of Painting shows Oct. 23-29

The month of October is officially Bob Ross Month on PBS Create. Robert Norman Ross was long known as a public media icon due to his calm demeanor, words of encouragement and simple instructions for painting landscapes on the long-running PBS show The Joy of Painting, which aired over 400 episodes between 1983 and 1994 and popularized the “wet-on-wet” painting technique.

There were no mistakes, according to Ross, only “happy accidents.” With mantras like this, Ross encouraged plenty of non-painters to pick up a brush.

This month will be full of tributes to the late Ross. Viewers can enjoy The Best of the Joy of Painting all month on WGCU Create, on most days at 11:30 am. A special showcase celebration will feature a five-hour block on Sunday, Oct. 25, in honor of his birthday on Thursday, Oct. 29. Go to for show times.

Indiana public television is continuing an effort to create “The Bob Ross Experience,” an interactive collection of his work based in his original Indiana studio in Muncie, where the idea is to renovate and restore the house in which he painted during the show, and where many of his paintings are displayed. The house is historic, having been owned by the L.L. Ball (jar) family.