WGCU’s Meet the Helpers

Meet the Helpers is a public media initiative devised to introduce children to community helpers and practice emergency preparedness. The program is designed for use in homes, classrooms and for public media stations around the country. Introducing children to community helpers in a safe and fun environment can help them react better during times of crisis. It is important to be prepared, so when an emergency strikes, children will understand who to look for and how to help.

The website helps kids get familiar with emergency response personnel like EMTs, doctors, firefighters, and 9-1-1 operators. Meet the Helpers also addresses how teachers and others can help in an emergency situation.

Along with informative videos, the website offers resources to help organize a family plan should an emergency occur. Under the “Make a Plan” tab, parents and teachers can print emergency planning sheets, and fill in the steps for children follow in case of a natural disaster or other emergency situation.

It is important for emergency plans to be made ahead of time because in times of crisis, adults need to focus on reassuring children that grown-ups are working to keep them safe.