The Award-Winning WGCU Curious Kids

WGCU Public Media premiered Curious Kids in the spring of 2011. As the only public broadcasting TV program in Florida starring kids and for kids, Curious Kids quickly became a big hit in Southwest Florida. WGCU has produced 14 Curious Kids programs featuring more than 140 segments highlighting:

My Self: Healthy eating, exercise, and self-esteem

My Backyard: The world of Southwest Florida from an environmental and historical perspective

My World: Exploring the people, places, and ecology of Southwest Florida and discovering characteristics shared with countries across the world.

Under the direction of international children’s educator/singer/songwriter, Rosie Emery, dozens of kids from Southwest Florida have starred in this award-winning program.

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Explore nature, science, the arts, health and more topics with WGCU’s Curious Kids! Now you can dance along to fun music videos, learn about Southwest Florida, or hang out with cool animals anytime, anywhere. Check us out on YouTube and watch your favorite Curious Kids episodes and clips today!