Descriptive video now available for some PBS programs on WGCU

WGCU is now offering descriptive video capability for PBS shows that offer the service. Descriptive video provides audible narrative description of key visual elements of a program for blind or sight-impaired people. The non-verbal elements a narrator will describe may include surroundings, costumes and body language. The description is added during pauses in show dialogue, and enables listeners to form mental pictures of what is happening in the program.

Descriptive video will be available for many of the WGCU HD, or main, TV channel programs. Most TVs have the ability to present this audio, whether it’s through enabling a secondary audio channel in their menus or via a button on the remote labeled “SAP” or “MTS.”

“Descriptive video has been a highly requested feature for our programs,” said WGCU Associate General Manager, Technology & Operations Kevin Trueblood. “We are proud to be able to offer this service when it is available.”