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Donor Stories

Celebrating the power of your impact

At WGCU, we believe that every donor has a unique story to tell — a story of inspiration, generosity, and the desire to make a difference. We are immensely grateful for the incredible individuals and organizations that have chosen to support WGCU’s mission and enrich the lives of our community members.

This Donor Stories selection are dedicated to honoring your stories and showcasing the profound impact your contributions have made. We understand the importance of respecting your privacy, preferences, and intentions when sharing your journey as a donor. Through these stories, we aim to inspire others, foster connections, and demonstrate the incredible potential for positive change. Together, we are shaping a legacy that echoes far beyond today.

Thank you for entrusting us with your stories, and for being a vital part of the WGCU family.

Impartial, accurate and informative reporting that covers global as well as US happenings, the arts, societal issues, and the sciences… Simply the best.


,Bonita Springs

I listen in Sarasota almost every day. You are in our will. Public radio is crucial to democratic freedom. Thanks for being there.



Rectangle 768
We recently moved to Cape Coral from Northern VA. We were so happy to find we have a local NPR station here. NPR and PBS are journalism powerhouses in an age of confusion and pandemic. Keep the lights shining.

Michael and Eileen

,Cape Coral

Group 314 (4)
It means so much to us to have an unbiased, nonpartisan source of news and commentary. Your entertainment & educational value is right up there at the top of our enjoyment, also. Thank you all for all that you do for us all.

Jennifer and Jerry


Rectangle 769
WGCU is especially important during these troubling times. We appreciate the extensive well-researched coverage.


,Marco Island

We are big fans of WGCU and have enjoyed so many programs this year: Downton Abbey, Mr. Selfridge, and Doc Martin to name some favorites, but many more. We have been contributors ever since we moved here about 20 years ago and we will be sending in our annual contribution soon.

Jane and James


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