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Love PBS Kids? With WGCU’s 24/7 Kids channel, children can tune into meaningful television anytime, anywhere. Watch PBS Kids 24/7 on any phone, tablet or computer!

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Your WGCU Kids Birthday Club Family Membership supports the children’s programming your family depends on every day on WGCU HDTV. We all know that children don’t just watch television, they interact with it. Programs on WGCU HDTV invite children to learn, think, grow and laugh with the stories, characters, music, and vocabulary that cannot be found on any other station.

WGCU Learning Link Updates

4 Ideas to Encourage Family Reading Time

4 Ideas to Encourage Family Reading Time

It’s important to carve out quality time to spend with your kids each day. But there are some days when ...
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Paint With Nature

Paint With Nature

Get outside and have fun with nature, using natural objects (leaves, flowers, or anything else!) as brushes or stamps to ...
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6 Mother's Day Traditions From Around the World

6 Mother’s Day Traditions From Around the World

In "Pinkalicious and Peteriffic," Pinkalicious and Peter think of ways to make Mother’s Day extra special for their mom. It’s a ...
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