Episode 15 – Jeff McCullers

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Jeff McCullers (fifth generation Estero, Floridaian) grew up around citrus farming, fishing, construction, and well drilling. I love the fact that his three sentence bio includes his ten years as 4-H club member. He wrote two small books on local history while still in high school. A teacher and school administrator for 34 years, he’s taught English, drama, journalism, stagecraft, and humanities. He’s also an amateur poet, photographer, and painter. While I’ve known Jeff, mostly via Facebook, for the past decade or so, I knew him by reputation all the way back to my high school years in the late 80’s. I never knew him then, but all my friends who were doing theatre there spoke of him like he was a living legend, now that I’ve gotten to know him years later, they were not joking.

Above: Interview with full music
Below: Short version

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