Episode 18 – Dave Dave Dave Cowan

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My guest today is a name you might recognize if this is not your first time ‘round with us – Dave Dave Dave, otherwise known as Dave Cowan, is the co-creator of our totally awesome theme song. “Triple D” was born in Chicago, where he grew up in the burbs and started playing side drum for the Chicago Highlanders Bagpipe Band when he was 13. He ran away from home when he was 17 and formed a band called Clear Eyes. He then put together the Wayfarin’ Strangers, which was a 5 piece acoustic college band in Wisconsin. He then moved onto solo singer-songwriting about 25 years ago…the dude is a human jukebox…and still plays to this day. He’s also made a bunch of Youtube music videos over the years if you wanna check them out.

Above: Interview with full music
Below: Short version

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