Episode 2 – Lydia Black

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My guest this episode is Lydia Black. I would say she’s a self-described “nonprofit junkie,” because that’s what her bio says, but in the interest of full disclosure I know her well enough to write her bio without notes…as a matter of fact, for quite a few years, part of my job was to help her write her bios.

Lydia Black is the Executive Director of the Alliance for the Arts in Fort Myers, where I once worked. She’s one of the most dedicated people I know when it comes to working to make the world around her better…and one of the most motivating people I know when it comes to getting others to help with that cause. She lives in Fort Myers with her far better half Chris, and their super cool daughter Emerson who is a sixth grader at Paul Lawrence Jr. Dunbar Middle School, and who is also my daughter’s best friend

Above: Interview with full music
Below: Short version

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