Explore the Sea With a Paper Plate Aquarium

The Kratt Brothers love to explore our planet, and some of the most fascinating places they visit are Earth’s oceans. Full of awesome animals and hidden habitats, there is always so much to discover! Why? The ocean is home to thousands of species, and the Kratt Brothers have met some of these cool creatures on their wild adventures. They have swum with seahorses, dolphins, turtles, even blowfish! They’ve swum through colorful coral reefs, too! Spreading their message of conservation, it’s always fun to go on a creature adventure with Chris and Martin!

Exploring the ocean with your child through art is a great way to engage and entertain them about the amazing life that exists under the sea. With simple items such as paper plates, scissors, crayons, stickers, and glue sticks, your child can use their imagination to create an aquarium full of the marine creatures they love. At the same time, you and your child can talk about why Earth’s oceans are such an important part of our planet. LEARN MORE