Food for thought

Our upcoming Feed Public Radio – Feed a Family fundraising campaign, December 12 to 15, marks a decade of partnership with our friends at the Harry Chapin Food Bank. This is a partnership that grew out of a need at the height of the Great Recession.
Southwest Florida was ground zero of the mortgage crisis and it hit families in this area hard. At WGCU, we saw the need and the opportunity to highlight the important work of the Harry Chapin Food Bank. The idea was a simple one: We would raise dollars to support public radio as we always did in December but we’d also help to raise money for HCFB by asking local foundations to match your gifts to WGCU at a level of 10 percent, and those dollars would go directly to feeding families in need through the food bank.
During the past 10 years Feed Public Radio – Feed a Family has raised $1.5 million in support of WGCU and more than $900,000 worth of meals through Harry Chapin’s ability to leverage cash for food through its network of suppliers.
Although economic conditions have improved somewhat in the past decade, wages remain stagnant and the population growth we’ve experienced means there is still a significant food insecurity that needs to be addressed. You can help by making a pledge to WGCU during this campaign in support of the local, national and international news, information and entertainment programming that feeds your mind while helping the Harry Chapin Food Bank feed those neighbors in need.