Fund Our Future

By Pam James -

Additional ways donors can help fund the future of WGCU Public Media:

  • Signal Fund – Provide funds for engineering equipment, repairs, purchases, and capital items.
  • Multimedia Technology Fund – Infrastructure to support cross-platform projects, web streaming, and various digital needs, as part of our comprehensive digital strategy.
  • Programming Partnership Fund – Provide funds for new, local productions/ local news/other local programming projects for  TV and radio – beyond current annual costs of creating local productions.
  • Educational Engagement Fund – Provide funds for the significant expansion of WGCU’s educational outreach initiatives.
  • The Future Fund – The endowment of unrestricted funds for annual programming costs, special projects, continual upgrades of our media format, and operation of services.

For more information, read this: Fund Our Future

or contact:

Gina Dengler
Donor Relations Specialist
(239) 590-2328 or

Jennifer Denike
Donor Relations Specialist
(239) 590-2514 •

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