Meet a PBS Kid who is counting on you

Lunchtime is special to Katherine Todd and her young friend, Caleb, who is 3. She’s a grandmother figure in his life, and together they watch “Dinosaur Train” and “Clifford” between noon and 1 pm on weekdays, when Todd’s best friend brings Caleb with her to Todd’s home. Seeing how much Caleb enjoys PBS children’s programming and how much he learns inspired Todd to offer a $10,000 match to inspire others to give too during our Giving Tuesday effort this year, “America’s Largest Classroom, Creating Endless Possibilities.”

Todd’s introduction to PBS children’s programming happened about 50 years ago. She said she was in her early to mid-20s when “Sesame Street” hit her radar “and I was absolutely enchanted.” Her family was planning a trip to Puerto Rico, and “Sesame Street” taught her some rudimentary Spanish, which she could use. “I was on a trip with my parents to old town Puerto Rico. I was by myself, with my father in the early morning, looking for a battery for his camera, and I could read signs in the store windows and know when the store was to open. I learned that from ‘Sesame Street,'” she said.

So although PBS children’s programming is meant for kids, Todd enjoyed it then and is enjoying it again with Caleb. “I truly want him to be a PBS Kid so he has a sense of growing up with it and it’s a meaningful part of his life. PBS has been such a significant part of my life that I’d really like that to be a continuing gift that I pass on to him,” she said. “I think it’s one of the most worthwhile gifts that a caring adult can make to children that they love.”

Our Giving Tuesday effort officially begins Nov. 30, but donations to keep this type of programming on the air can be made now by clicking HERE.

Thank you from Katherine, Caleb, and all of us at WGCU, your source for PBS and NPR in Southwest Florida.


Author: Dayna Harpster