July 1 marks the beginning of a new fiscal year for WGCU. It will be a new year of fiscal challenges. The challenges themselves will not be new so, more accurately, I should say it will be another year of fiscal challenges. In my January column, I tried to address the whys and wherefores of on-air fundraising. 

In 2018, WGCU-TV had the greatest market penetration of any public television station in the country — 84 percent of all households in our coverage area — yet only 2 percent of households are currently financial supporters of the station. 

WGCU does not exist in an alternate fiscal universe that allows us to ignore the laws of economics. If you are receiving this newsletter, the chances are good you are one of that 2 percent and we deeply appreciate your support. If you have friends or family who enjoy and rely on WGCU programming and aren’t supporters, I encourage you to ask them to consider becoming sustaining members. A five or ten dollar a month contribution from an additional 2 percent of households would allow us to reduce dramatically the amount of on-air fundraising we have to do to meet our financial goals and obligations. It’s simple math ­— as they say, the more the merrier, there’s strength in numbers, many hands make light work. 

Thanks for doing your part. Now please, consider asking others to do theirs.