Nothing ‘fake’ about public media


“Americans are most likely to rate PBS News, The Associated Press (AP) and National Public Radio (NPR) as being ‘not biased at all’ or ‘not very biased.’ In contrast, they are most likely to rate Fox News (67%) and Breitbart News (57%) as ‘extremely biased’ or ‘very biased.’ Close to half of Americans believe MSNBC (52%), CNN (50%) and the Huffington Post (46%) are extremely or very biased.”

This quote is from a recently released Gallup/Knight Foundation Survey on perceived bias and accuracy in the news media. In a world of increasing fake news, we at PBS/NPR are the No. 1 most trusted news source and we take that very seriously.
In October 2017 Gartner, a research and consulting firm with offices worldwide, including Fort Myers, predicted that by 2022, most people in mature economies will consume more false information than true information. The ramifications that prediction has for the health of our democracy are beyond
disturbing. There is a reason that the First Amendment is the FIRST Amendment. Freedom of the press is essential to maintaining an informed electorate.
“Fake news” and propaganda undermine the legitimacy of the press as does the labeling of news media as “enemies of the people.” Good journalists are guardians of our democracy and we are proud that the American people consistently recognize public media news reporting as the most trusted source. For 15 years running Americans have named PBS as “the most trusted institution” according to a 2018 survey conducted by Marketing & Research Resources, Inc.
Our local WGCU news team and the journalists at NPR and PBS value the trust you place in them and work hard to bring you the best, straightforward, balanced news reporting possible – free of conjecture, hype and hyperbole. It’s what they do.

Author: Dayna Harpster