Pam James loves a good punk version of Mr. Postman

Twisted Strings didn’t just happen overnight. It’s the creation of Pam James and the outcome of some outstanding work by WGCU.  

Pam has been the events manager for 5 years and it’s her job to engage the donors, listeners, and members. Normally this event would have been reserved for a “chicken dinner with fancy potatoes,” but she definitely knew there’s more to offer to the WGCU, NPR, and PBS followers.  

The inspiration for Twisted Strings came from three main sources, the first was understanding that classical music was a binding notion between radio and television.  

The second was when she was searching for a venue, Top Rocker Field asked if WGCU would take over their jazz event. Pam knew that jazz wasn’t quite what she was looking for, but it was definitely moving the ideas forward.  

The third source was watching a group of guys karaoke Mr. Postman.  

“Once they realized they didn’t know the words they turned it into a punk version and it was the coolest thing. Suddenly, Mr. Postman sounded awesome! I absolutely love the juxtaposition of music that’s not in its genre,” Pam said.   

Right then she knew she had her twist and it has blossomed into The Twisted Strings Festival you see today.  

This year each band is classically trained, but have their own flair and performance style giving the audience a little taste of every genre as they enjoy the evening. Plus, with food trucks, drinks, and maybe a balloon animal from Twisty the clown there will be nothing short of good times.  

Pam’s favorite part seeing how Twisted Strings brought the WGCU station together as this is an all hands on deck event and seeing the community enthusiastic to come out for a not-so-traditional night of music.