I’m not a WGCU Member. How do I join?

If you are not a current member, click here to donate now and join.

How do I find my activation code?

If you are an active member of WGCU (donating at least $60 annually), look for an email from Member Services that contains your activation code or click here to look it up online.

I’ve already activated my account. Now what?

If you have already activated your WGCU Passport account, click here to sign in.

What is WGCU Passport?

WGCU Passport is a member benefit that provides WGCU donors on-demand access to a rich library of quality public television programming online and via mobile device.

Why is WGCU making this service available?

As more and more people are watching television content on computers and digital devices, WGCU Passport gives WGCU donors a way to enjoy PBS and WGCU content on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

What kind of content is available on WGCU Passport?

The WGCU Passport library features episodes from popular programs, including American Experience, American Masters, Antiques Roadshow, Nature, NOVA, and Masterpiece — including Downton Abbey, Victoria and Poldark. In addition to these signature series, the library is full of public television’s acclaimed arts, science, history, and lifestyle programs, including How We Got to Now, Earth a New Wild, Austin City Limits, and a rotating selection of films from Ken Burns.

WGCU Passport also includes popular WGCU local programs. The WGCU Passport library will continue to grow as more series and episodes are added.

How do I change my Passport login information?

You can change your email address by clicking here for the Passport Reset Tool, or reset your password here.

I’m a member. How do I see what’s on Passport?

You must activate your Passport account. You will be asked to register to confirm your identity and membership status in order to start enjoying WGCU Passport. WGCU Passport can be accessed on, the PBS video apps for Android and Apple’s iOS smartphones and tablets, and Apple TV.

To get started, look for videos with the Passport icon. These videos are only available to users who are registered for WGCU Passport.

Will there still be free streaming on and

PBS and WGCU content will continue to be available for free on the website and other digital platforms. WGCU Passport provides access to a much larger library of content for WGCU members to enjoy.

What desktop browser do I need?

WGCU Passport supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

How does WGCU Passport align with the mission of public television?

WGCU content is shared widely with the public on air, online and on mobile devices after a program airs – that has not changed. WGCU Passport goes one step further by offering extended access to additional content for station donors.

I’m not seeing my favorite PBS show in WGCU Passport. Why not?

Some shows are not available on Passport because of digital rights restrictions.

Is WGCU Passport available outside the U.S.?

No, not at this time.

I’m having technical problems. Who do I contact?

Please call the PBS Passport help desk directly at 1-855-996-9428 or click here to submit a ticket.

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