Planned Gifts

There are many ways to support WGCU in addition to being an annual contributor. You can make a gift to WGCU that costs nothing during your lifetime! Such giving techniques are called “planned gifts” because with thoughtful planning, you create win-win solutions for you and WGCU.

Whatever your stage in life, it is a good idea to think about and plan for how your affairs will be handled. A few simple steps today can give you peace of mind tomorrow by ensuring that you and your loved ones are well protected.

Your estate plan can also be used to support charitable causes that matter most to you, such as the quality programs and education services offered to our community by WGCU.

Planned giving can make your money serve several purposes and benefit you in the following ways:

  • Ensure that you leave a legacy with an organization and cause you care deeply about, like WGCU, while keeping assets in your control during your lifetime.
  • Make a lasting gift to future generations by leaving a charitable bequest in your will.
  • Develop a charitable remainder or lead trust.
  • Donate stock. You can give stock and realize larger tax savings.
  • Establish a charitable gift annuity and get a monthly paycheck for life in return for your gift.
  • Donate a life insurance policy or life estate.

The WGCU Legacy Society honors people who make a provision for WGCU in their wills, establish a life income gift to WGCU, or create an endowment of $10,000 or more for sustainable support of WGCU.

As a member of the WGCU Legacy Society:

  • Dual membership in the WGCU Legacy Society and FGCU Legacy Society
  • Enroll your children/grandchildren in the WGCU Birthday Club. Each child enrolled will receive a membership packet with stickers, books, bookmarks and more on their birthday. During their birthday month, they will see their name on television as part of the WGCU Birthday Club.
  • Enjoy private tours of WGCU Public Media.
  • Take advantage of pre-sale opportunities to purchase event tickets before WGCU makes them available to the public.
  • Receive invitations to special WGCU events.
  • We’ll share DVDs of locally produced WGCU programming (as available).

Become a member of the WGCU Legacy Society by one of the following steps:

  • Notify us of your intention to make a bequest to WGCU. One way to provide notice is by completing this form: Confirmation of Legacy Gift.
  • Establish a charitable gift annuity or other type of life income gift with WGCU.
  • Make an outright gift of $10,000 or more to create an endowment for sustainable support of WGCU. Visit our Fund our Future page to learn more about funding opportunities that match the goals for your legacy.

If you would like information on making a planned gift to WGCU you can download a free printable WGCU Planned Giving Guide.  The guide includes information on: wills, living trusts, life insurance, retirement plans, real estate, stock, retained life estates, charitable remainder annuity trusts, charitable gift annuities, and charitable lead trusts.

Download the WGCU Planned Gifts Guide

To speak with a representative today about leaving a lasting legacy, please contact:

Gina Dengler
Donor Relations Specialist
(239)590-2328 •

Jennifer Denike
Donor Relations Specialist
(239) 590-2514 •

If you would like to name WGCU in your estate plans, all legal documents, should refer to:  “Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation, Inc. [Federal Tax ID # 65-0403969] for the benefit of the WGCU Public Media.”

The information above is not intended as legal advice. For legal advice, please consult an attorney.

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Make a sustaining contribution


Make a one-time donation

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