Plant the seed for peace of mind tomorrow

By preparing an estate plan, you’re safeguarding more than just matters of finances and inheritance, you’re also guiding future health decisions, providing for loved ones, and creating your legacy. A few simple steps today will give you peace of mind tomorrow by ensuring you and your loved ones are well protected. 

WGCU will recognize National Estate Planning Week (October 19-25) by providing a free personal estate planning guide, which is downloadable. The guide will allow users to start organizing their financial assets and thinking through their personal goals.

For questions or to speak with someone about leaving a lasting legacy, contact Jennifer Denike at (239) 590-2514 or

Additionally, WGCU will partner with local organizations to offer Financial Literacy presentations to provide you with an opportunity to safeguard your future.  For more information about these types of events or to sign up for occasional financial literacy information, click here