The Public Service Announcements Policy of WGCU Public Media

WGCU is the public television and radio station for Southwest Florida providing educational and informative programming. Because of limited airtime between programs, we are unable to promote all of the quality local events on our air, therefore we do not accept public service announcements (PSAs).

Privacy Statement

When you join WGCU Public Media as a member, we collect your personal information for specific, limited purposes. The information you provide enables us to better serve your needs, including more personalized services, sending you email alerts, responding to your requests and tracking activity on our website to help determine which features are most desirable by our members.

Our commitment to personal privacy is demonstrated by our policy which prohibits disclosure of personal information to a third party organization. WGCU does not sell or trade the personal information of our members. The personal information you provide is solely for use by WGCU.

Additionally, as a service to our members, you can choose to be excluded from specific WGCU mailings, telemarketing calls or email contacts. To update your records, call WGCU Member Servicesat 239-590-2361 or email memberservices@wgcu.org.

Editorial Standards

WGCU adheres to the editorial standards from both PBS and NPR.