Supreme Court confirmation hearings to be carried live

The Senate Judiciary Committee hearings about Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett will be carried live on WGCU PBS and WGCU FM 90.1/91.7 FM starting at 9 am Monday, Oct. 12.

WGCU PBS will end coverage at either 4 pm or will continue through PBS NewsHour at 7 pm, then join regularly scheduled programming at 8 pm.

WGCU FM will carry the hearings in their entirety, even into the evening. (Some previous hearings have lasted 12 hours.)

On Thursday, October 15, when the Senate committee takes outside witness testimony, people can livestream the proceedings at or, or they can listen through WGCU FM.

Barrett is President Trump’s pick to fill the seat of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died in September. The process is going ahead, despite the spread of the coronavirus at the White House and positive tests for two Republican senators on the committee. Senators will be able to attend the hearings either virtually or in person. The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to pass the nomination out of committee to the full Senate on Thursday, Oct. 22.

Following is a schedule of hearings:

Monday, Oct. 12: Opening statements from the full committee and Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Tuesday, Oct. 13:  Senators question Judge Barrett

Wednesday, Oct. 14: Senators question Judge Barrett.  Possible additional witness testimony.

Thursday, Oct. 15:  The committee expects to hear from outside witnesses. Republicans have also said they will begin to debate the nomination on Thursday the 15.