Testing, 123 …

Did you know that WGCU Public Media…

…broadcasts FIVE separate television channels?

…broadcasts TWO separate radio channels?

…provides a special RADIO READING SERVICE for the blind and print challenged?

…produces two PODCASTS?

…provides a portal to PBS and NPR PROGRAMS online?

… and has a MOBILE APP that allows you to access it all?

Yes, that’s right, in addition to our main HD channel WGCU-TV serves Southwest Florida with WGCU World, WGCU Create/Encore, The Florida Channel and WGCU PBS Kids. All of which are available over the air and on most cable systems.

WGCU-FM provides a News and Information programming service on WGCU 90.1 and WMKO 91.7 and a 24 hour classical music service on 90.1 HD2 and 91.7 HD2. Don’t have an HD radio? Not to worry, both services are available for streaming via our mobile app or online at www.WGCU.org.

WGCU’s talented radio staff produces two podcasts – Three Song Stories and Grape Minds. The first is an exploration of the power music has to connect us to times, places, people, and emotions from our lives. And the second is a podcast that looks beyond the glass to the stories of winemaking, culture, and the history of the world’s most intriguing beverage.

www.WGCU.org provides an online portal to all of this content and in the fall of this year, you’ll be able to live stream PBS programming on your favorite streaming application to your PC, mobile device or smart TV.

By any measure, this is an incredible collection of content and it is made possible by viewers and listeners like you.  Thank you.