Here at WGCU, we know volunteers are crucial to our success. We rely on their talent and passion for public media and would not be able to do what we do without them! If you’re interested in volunteering and supporting the important programming we do, click here to join our team!


  • Help fulfill our mission and support your community
  • See behind-the-scenes of setting up special events, screenings, and concerts
  • Volunteer with your friends, coworkers, and family
  • Socialize with other volunteers and staff
  • Gain beneficial workplace skills
  • Add volunteering experience to your college applications/resume

“Volunteering has allowed me to give back to WGCU, in a small way, for the countless hours of incredible programming gifted to me every day, but the rewards I receive far outweigh my contribution. I have been privileged to participate in activities on behalf of the station that I’d likely not be a part of were it not for my role as a volunteer. Yet even with all of these delightful experiences, the greatest gift I have received as a volunteer for WGCU is the friendship of the phenomenal folks who make this station tick! To a person, they have made this volunteering journey such a delightful adventure for me and I only hope I can keep repaying them, in kind, in the years to come. Thank you all!”

Gerry Nichols

“I love what PBS/NPR stands for – news that is reported truthfully and unbiased, educational programming for all age levels and cultural events that some may not be able to attend.  Then, the WGCU staff.  What a great group of people that we get to assist in their fundraising activities.  No matter if it is stuffing envelopes or going into communities, the staff is always respectful and fun! They all make you feel like you are a part of the team with the goal of making WGCU the best it can be.  And the friendships I have made with other volunteers is precious to me.  Volunteering is something we should all do.”

Becky Earney

For more information, please contact: Anne Stavely at astavely@wgcu.org