Waldo Gave, Can’t yoU?

This poodle is showing his public media pedigree by posing a matching challenge of $25,000 during the month of May to other #PubMediaPets! Donate a minimum gift of $10 or more to submit a favorite photo of your pet! We would love to get a photo of your fur baby (or non-furry pet) enjoying WGCU-TV| PBS or WGCU-FM | NPR.  All photos will be featured on WGCU.org and WGCU social media pages. Give here or click below to get in on the fun while supporting PBS and NPR programming in our community.


Show off your #PubMediaPet!

Donate now and you could win a shout-out for your furry, flying, or four-legged friend!

Sure, you know your pet is the cutest, but how about letting the world know? Give a donation of any amount to WGCU and you’re automatically entered to win a special shout-out in honor of your fuzzy, feathered, or scaly family member!

Donations of $60 ($5/month) or more will receive a BONUS thank you gift: A WGCU branded bandana for your #PubMediaPet to show off around town!


SWFL’s #PubMediaPets Photo Gallery

These pets took Waldo up on his offer and made a donation.
Why don’t you?

Does your kitty love All Cats Considered? Is your pup addicted to Dogton Abbey? Maybe your bunny prefers Fresh Hare, or your turtle loves Wait Wait Don’t Shell Me. Whatever WGCU programming your #PubMediaPets like, be sure to snap a photo and let us know. Prizes are in store for the most unique PBS and NPR pet photos, so get creative!

Click through our photo gallery to see other pets that gave ➡


Note: To have your pet’s photo featured on our website, you must click here to donate or click the button above.

Once you’ve made your gift, you will see a confirmation message directing you to the photo submission page. This page will show instructions on how to upload your pet’s photo.

Please note that all photos must be reviewed by a WGCU team member before being posted online. We will work to post your photo as soon as possible.

Waldo Photo Challenge

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Calling all pet owners: Does your kitty love All Cats Considered? Is your pup addicted to Dogton Abbey? Maybe your bunny prefers Fresh Hare, or ...
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