Was It Something We Said?

By Rick Johnson, WGCU General Manager

Apparently, yes, it was! Our spring 2018 Nielsen ratings for WGCU-FM have come in and I’m happy to report that, thanks to you, our loyal listeners and supporters, weekly cumulative listenership for people ages 12 and above in our coverage area has reached an all-time high – surpassing 164,000 and accounting for a 50 percent increase in listeners over the past decade. And, you’ll notice that the ages-12-plus figure doesn’t even count all the backseat/car seat listeners and future supporters!

WGCU-FM is now 10 years into a format change from classical music to news and information that riled many (and, apparently, pleased many) Southwest Florida listeners. Looking back on the decade we have just been through – the Great Recession and recovery, the presidency of Barack Obama, the elections of 2012 and 2016, the political turmoil of the past 20 months, the current lead-up to this year’s mid-term elections and Florida’s gubernatorial race – it is fortunate that the reasoned, calm, balanced voices and perspectives you hear on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Gulf Coast Live, 1A and many other programs provide you the information you need to make up your own mind about the most critical issues of our time. That is a charge we take seriously at WGCU.

Your trust and confidence in WGCU’s news and information programming – evidenced by the increase in listeners – is the currency by which we measure our success. Thank you and stay tuned!