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The Advisory Board of WGCU

The WGCU Advisory Board assists WGCU in realizing its mission and its long-range goals. The board communicates to and on behalf of listeners, viewers and subscribers; provides input concerning public broadcasting to governmental agencies and elected officials; and assists in WGCU engagement and fundraising activities.


  • Linda Penniman (Chair)
  • Peter Sulick (FGCU Board of Trustees Liaison)
  • Lydia Black (Content & Equity Community Chair)
  • Mimi Chapin Gregory (Outreach & Education Community Chair)
  • Howard K. Cohen (Revenue Community Chair)
  • Corey S. Lewis (Ex-officio)
  • Shavon Chester
  • Dr. Ben Machielse
  • Iqbal G. Mamdani
  • Joseph Mercurio
  • Peter Smyth
  • Yaroslaba Garcia, PhD
  • David G. Heiman, Esq.
  • Terri Santisi-Alvator
  • Rick Solum