No Tricks, Just Treats! Being a Good Neighbor at Halloween

Help your child practice being a good neighbor during Halloween with these reminders:

  • Greet each other. When a neighbor answers the door, use the Halloween version of hello: “Trick or treat!” I ask my kids to practice so that they can say these magical words with confidence and loud enough so our neighbors can hear.
  • Say thank you. Make sure kids express gratitude at every trick-or-treat stop, no matter what: “Remember to say thank you — even though it’s not your favorite candy.”
  • Respect people’s property. Encourage your kids to walk on the sidewalk, not through a neighbor’s lawn or garden. Explain to your child that your neighbors work hard to take care of their plants.
  • Look for the light. Visit homes that have their porch lights on. “Not everyone celebrates Halloween. We should respect that different families do different things.”
  • Don’t take more than what you’re offered. This goes along with saying thank you after receiving any candy or treats. “There are a lot of kids out tonight, let’s make sure everyone can have some.”
  • Be a helper. Younger children love to help out and feel like they’re contributing to the family, their own personal community. Consider having them fill the candy tray, open the door or help you hand out candy. They then feel more involved and responsible, like a “big kid.” It also shows them that Halloween is about giving, and not just receiving. For all things Halloween, CLICK HERE!