Why A Historic Wave Of Latino Prosperity Is Under Threat Now

It was just a few months ago when things were looking up for Latinos. Wages were rising and unemployment had hit a record low . As the U.S. economy marked its longest expansion on record, Latino families marked better times with milestone purchases. They bought more homes than any ethnic group, including whites. Another positive: a record number of Hispanics started attending college with enrollment nearly tripling in the last two decades. Now, that historic wave of Latino prosperity appears to be at risk from the coronavirus pandemic. The devastation in job losses is widespread in America, as the unemployment rate has climbed to 14.7%, the highest level since the Great Depression . But the latest U.S. jobs report shows that Latinos are the worst hit, with a record jobless rate of 18.9% , higher than any other ethnic group. Loading… Research shows that minority communities are especially vulnerable in economic downturns. During the Great Recession just over a decade ago, Latino


Author: WGCU Public Media